About Us


ECO GREEN BAMBOO was formerly trading as ecowaterrefill, our mission is to eradicate/reduce the use of plastic waste in our society and the environment. Now, ECO GREEN BAMBOO wants to lead by supplying the food service industry with ONLY BAMBOO PRODUCTS for all the food packaging both DISPOSABLE/REUSABLE.

Every ECO GREEN BAMBOO you own stops another plastic from entering the environment. We donates 10% from every ECO GREEN BAMBOO product purchase to fund local clean and marine life rescue Initiative. Plastic in our ocean never goes away, affecting our food chain.

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Timely Completion of Work

We are committed to complete and deliver our financial services on time to all our clients as agreed.
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Affordable & Fixed Prices

Depending on what you need during the consultation, we offer financial services at transparent, fixed prices.
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High Quality

No matter the size of your company, we value every customer and provide the best service in the market.
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Flexibility & Expertise

We understand your desires and customize our financial services and solutions to meet them.


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Business Website

Are you searching for the best website for your Business? To help you in achieving your goals, we design, maintain, and optimize WordPress websites.
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E-commerce Website

We build safe, user-friendly eCommerce websites that help you to grow your business and sell your online products and services.
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WordPress Support

We provide regular maintenance of your WordPress website, theme, and plugins to ensure that your website fully benefits from upgrades and technological improvements.